Your Identity Is Connected To Your Actions; It Only Takes One Moment

Just as you can identify a tree by the fruit it produces; you can also identify a person’s character by their actions. When I go up to a tree and it has apples on it, I am going to call it an apple tree, not a peach tree. If I go to the apple orchard to pick apples, I am going to be confused if I see that all the trees are producing peaches!

It's the same principle when it comes to us as Believers in Christ. When we allow ourselves to act out of character or contrary to one who possesses the fruit of the Spirit, at that moment, we stop being an apple tree and become a peach tree. Moments make a difference when it comes to perception. That “moment” when we allow ourselves to step out of character, we are not the apple tree we claim to be, but now we are a peach tree. We exchanged our fruit! We exchanged who we really are!

The truth is, that one "moment" may not represent what we really believe or how we act most of the time, but now when someone comes in our presence, they can only identify us by the fruit they have seen us produce in that "moment" we acted out of character. Now we have an identity crisis! It’s very important how we carry ourselves as Christians when we go through life’s many tests and trials. My encouragement to you today is, even though life will come to test your character, maintain your fruit and don't let one "moment" determine your true identity!


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